In a world where the desire to excel is often replaced by numbers and figures, Universal Medical Design (UMD) has become the leading edge producer of Emergency Medical and Prehospital Care field products in the United States by delivering quality products at competitive costs.

Founded in 1985 by William and Karen Durbin, UMD is based on over 18 years of field experience and their understanding of the need for products to effectively consolidate equipment for patient care in the most practical, compact and safe manner for patient and provider.

The products that UMD creates are regularly the last line of defense in a medical emergency. We feel that concern over effectiveness and design should be the last thing a practitioner should worry about. When there are lives at stake, UMD understands that critical care supplies and products must be at full function, without flaw or error, and at fail-safe reliability. UMD delivers all this and more.

Universal Medical Design has created a group of equipment packs and materials that have become the industry standard for this growing field. In a time where products are created piecemeal throughout the world, UMD designs, creates and produces it's product line solely in the United States. That means all products are crafted, supervised and individually tested upon release. Materials are chosen on the basis of full function capabilities and error proof durability.

William and Karen Durbin - Universal Medical Design

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